Terms & Conditions

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Bonus Terms & Conditions

1. The bonus programs offered by www.bettogoal.com are only available to registered customers.

2. If a customer has an already active bonus program, no further bonus program can be claimed until the active bonus is complete.

3. Only one bonus program can be assigned to a deposit, unless specified.

4. All deposit bonuses must be claimed before making a deposit.

5. If bonus credits are part of a player’s account balance, withdrawals from the account are only possible after complete fulfilment of the respective bonus and wagering conditions.

6. Winnings from a "Freebet or Freespins Bonus Program" or a bonus program that is not linked to a deposit cannot be used or considered as payments to other bonus programs.

7. In order to be eligible for cashback bonus programs:

• A player's balance must be 0 (zero).

• There must be no withdrawal requests from the account.

• There must be no open bets.

• The loss must be at least 100.00 € or the equivalent in the respective currency.

8. The maximum profit from a bonus including cashback programs is limited to 5 times the bonus amount, unless specified. Winnings in excess of this amount will be deducted.

9. bettogoal assumes no liability if an incorrect bonus program or bonus amount that has been assigned to a players account. It is the user´s own responsibility to monitor his own player and bonus account. In such circumstances the company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and deduct any winnings accrued.

10. All bonus programs must be completed within 20 days. If the requirements of a bonus program are not met within 20 days, any resulting bonuses or winnings will be automatically cancelled.

11. Customers cannot claim any other bonus whilst having an active bonus, open bet or running game.

12. The purpose of the bettogoal bonus program is to increase the entertainment value of the website.

13. Consecutive uses of bonus programs without deposit (Zero Deposit Bonus or Freebet) are prohibited.  

14. The following basic rules apply in order to prevent the misuse of the bettogoal bonus programs:

• Visiting the website by minors or their registration is not permitted

• Accounts held under identical names are excluded from participation in bonus programs

• Accounts belonging to the same family or address and to the same credit/debit card or the same accounts are excluded from participation in bonus programs

• Multiple accounts used by the same computer/tablet/mobile phone and IP address are excluded from participation in bonus programs

• Bonus payments are excluded in the event of violations of the general terms and conditions or the bonus conditions set out here.

15. bettogoal is entitled, at its own discretion and without giving reasons, to request documents to verify the identity of the respective user of the website as a prerequisite for withdrawals, participation in bonus programs or for granting bonus payments.

16. Changes to the Bonus Programs shall take effect upon notification of the changes and the user’s subsequent approval of the changes. If approval is refused, the player is excluded from participation in the modified program in question. Played bonuses will be cancelled.

17. If documents are requested for identity verification and their submission is refused or if the documents prove to be insufficient, bettogoal is entitled to cancel any received bonuses, to exclude the user from the use of further bonus programs or from the use of the entire website.

18. Bets placed on the same match amounting to the sum total of deposit + bonus or a portion of the bonus on single coupons or separate coupons will not be accepted. Customers who place bets in this manner will have their bonus cancelled and any winnings accrued from the bonus will be deducted. Winnings from your deposit will be transferred to your main wallet.        

Cancellation of granted bonuses

1. If the company suspects a customer of misuse of the bonus, foul play and/or participation in strategies that the company in its sole discretion deems to be abusive, Bettogoal reserves the right to apply special wagering requirements to such customers, including bonus cancellation and deduction of winnings without any explanation.

2. If one or more users have participated in bonus programs under different user names and/or have unlawfully maintained several accounts and received bonuses, the bonus winnings received will be deducted from the credit balance, bonuses and bonus winnings will be cancelled and the accounts can be closed.

3. The responsibility for complying with any wagering requirements or other terms and conditions from bonus programs rests with the user.

4. bettogoal reserves the right to cancel or change the bonus conditions without prior notice. However, any changes or cancellations shall only become effective upon notification thereof and notification to the User.

5. bettogoal is entitled to exclude users from participating in bonus programs temporarily or permanently at its own discretion.

6. We provide bonuses to make your time on our website more enjoyable. To prevent the same person from receiving more than one bonus and prevent abuse, the following conditions apply:

• Accounts set up under the same IP address are excluded from bonus programs,

• Multiple accounts set up by users with identical personal data are excluded from bonus programs,

• Accounts held by different family members are only eligible for one bonus program at a time.

Specific Sports Betting Bonus Terms and Conditions

The odds requirements on sports betting bonus programs are:

Individual events in a multiple (combined) bet – minimum odds of 1.65 with a minimum of 3 events.

• In total, the bonus amount must be wagered 8 times.

• Only the first bet placed on sports events where there are only 2 possible outcome, i.e.: Under-Over, Even-Odd, will count towards wagering. System bets (Each way bets of 3 events, bets of 4 events, Yankee, Trixie, Super Heinz, etc.) Double chance, Cashout, returned and cancelled bets will not be included in your wagering contribution.

• No withdrawal can be requested from an account until the wagering requirements have been met in full.

• Bonus programs on sports bets cannot be used for the casino area of the website. 

Specific Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions 

The odds requirements for casino bonus programs are:

• In total, the bonus amount must be wagered 30 times.

• Bonus programs for casino cannot be used in the sports book area of the website. 

• Withdrawals from a player's account are only possible once all wagering requirements of the bonus programs have been fulfilled.

• Bets placed on Roulette in all variants, Live poker, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, or any other Live Dealer Game do not qualify for any bonus program.