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General Terms & Conditions

bettogoal General Terms & Conditions

I.    General

II.    Opening an Account/Account

III.   Using our Services

IV.   Account Closure or Deactivation

V.    Inactive Accounts/Fees; Inactivity of player

VI.   Exclusion due to Responsible Gaming/Prevention of Gambling Addiction

VII.   Limits/Session Limits

VIII.  Winnings and Determination of Winnings

IX.   Pay-Out/Withdrawal   

X.    Placing a Bet/Cash-Out

XI.   General Betting Rules

XII.   Procedures for the settlement of disputes/complaint procedures

XIII.  General Terms


I. General Terms & Conditions www.bettogoal.com 

1. www.bettogoal.com is operated by tech365 N.V. (subsequently 'bettogoal'), a company incorporated, licensed and regulated in accordance with the Law of the Curacao under registration number 149848. 

2. tech365 N.V. has its registered office in Curacao, E-Commerce Park, Suite D05, Helsumstraat 51, Vredenberg. It is registrated under the Licence Number 8048/JAZ2019-047 since 31.10.2019 and is, based on the licence it holds, authorised to offer and accept bets on any international event with an uncertain outcome and to offer other types of gaming services.

3. bettogoal offers its services on its website, available under the domain www.bettogoal.com – whereby may use other country-specific domains to access the website from specific regions – (hereinafter referred to as one “Website”), via the mobile/tablet app. Whenever these General Terms and Conditions refer to the Website, the respective regulation shall likewise apply to the mobile/tablet app.

4. All bets placed on the Website or all other gaming services are operated, held, accepted, placed and processed exclusively in Curacao. All games and platforms offered on bettogoal are regulated by the Curacao e-gaming authorities and are offered in accordance to the laws of Curacao.

5. By opening an account on the Website and/or placing a bet on sportsbook or other games on the Website, the customer concludes a legal contract with bettogoal which contains these terms and conditions, in particular these General Terms and Conditions.

6. bettogoal reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions at any time. In the event of a modification, the customer will be notified about the new conditions by e-mail to the e-mail address provided when registering his/her account with bettogoal. The modifications will become effective within 30 days after announcement. The Customer is allowed to contradict the changes within the for mentioned time limit. The customer is required to accept any material changes of these terms and conditions by re – confirming acceptance before the changes come into effect.  In case of non-acceptance, customers will no longer be able to use the Services, but is allowed to withdraw their deposits. The customer account will be closed after the withdrawal of deposits. The customer is required to inform him/herself about the relevant applicable conditions prior to concluding a gambling contract and/or placing a bet by reading these terms and conditions completely and carefully.  

7. It might be that all or some residents of certain countries are prohibited to access the Website. bettogoal does not intend that people living in countries where bettogoal´s services are illegal, use the Website for betting, gambling or other purposes. Customers only may use bettogoal´s Services if they are permitted to do so under the applicable law of the country in which the Services are being used. It is the customer's own responsibility to comply with the applicable legal conditions at all times and to ensure that he/she is legally entitled to use the Services without restriction. At present, the use of bettogoal´s service is not allowed in Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Burundi, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, France and it's overseas territories like Guadeloupe and others, Ghana, Greece, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar, New Caledonia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States of America, United States and oversea territories like Samoa and others, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

The list of excluded countries may be expanded or amended at any time. It is the customers own responsibility to check, if the utilisation of bettogoal´s services are legal at his place of residence.  

8. In particular, bettogoal reserves the right at any time and without providing a reason: 

1. to suspend individual or all services;

2. to reject applications for accounts;

3. to block or close accounts;

4. to reject the placement of individual or all bets;

5. to limit the stake on individual or all bets; and/or

6. to limit the stake of individual customers.

9. bettogoal is not liable for transmission errors via the internet with regards to betting data and results. bettogoal engages third parties for its services that have also contractually excluded any liability vis-à-vis bettogoal. Therefore, except in cases of malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of bettogoal, there are absolutely no claims for compensation due to transmission errors, delays, or the misuse or manipulation of data during transmission via the internet or for other errors occurring during transmission of data and results.

10. It is not permitted to assign, pledge or otherwise legally dispose of any claims you may have against bettogoal, whether in return for payment or free of charge.

11. Employees of bettogoal, bettogoal´s affiliates as well as all of their sales partners and their relatives are excluded from using the Services. 

12. bettogoal is entitled to renounce the rights granted by these Terms & Conditions case by case. The waiver of rights is not applicable for the future 

13. Cyprus Law is applicable for all disagreements and disputes incurred in connection with the business relationship, excluding the reference provisions of international private law and CISG. Excluded from this choice of law are the mandatory consumer protection provisions of the consumer's country of residence.

14. In the event that any of the above or below clauses are invalid in whole or in part, then the contract as well as any betting contracts concluded between the customer and bettogoal shall remain effective. Insofar as individual clauses are invalid, the content replacing them shall be determined according to the legally permissible provisions which come as close as possible to the invalid clauses.

15. In the case of any dispute between the English language version of the General Terms and Conditions and versions in other languages, the English language version shall prevail.

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II. Opening an Account / Account

1. To get access to bettogoal´s Service, the customer must open an account. By opening an account, the customer declares that he/she: 

1. is of legal age (at least eighteen (18)) 

2. is not restricted in his/her contractual capability,

3. is not under legal supervision,

4. does not use funds gained through criminal activities,

5. is opening the account for personal use and has no commercial intentions

6. has not excluded him/herself from gambling,

7. has never been diagnosed with problematic gambling behaviour and is not undergoing/has not undergone treatment for problematic gambling behaviour, 

8. is aware of and accepts bettogoal’s current terms and conditions.

2. The customer agrees to inform bettogoal without delay if: 

1. his/her personal data changes,

2. he/she suspects that his/her account has been used by third parties,

3. his/her gambling expenses exceed his/her financial capabilities,

4. he/she holds and/or is assigned a high government office (politically exposed person),

5. a core family member holds and/or is assigned a high government office (politically exposed person),

6. he/she is named on the sanctions list of the United Nations,

7. a core family member is named on the sanctions list of the United Nations.

3. The customer is obliged to submit correct information during the registration which includes, but is not limited to, his/her address and e-mail address. The customer must register personally. His/her information must be updated in case of changes in the 'Personal Details' section and always kept up-to-date. In order to verify the information provided, in particular the customer’s identity, bettogoal reserves the right to request evidence and documentation at any time and at its absolute discretion. Player accounts will be activated after clicking on a link in a welcome e-mail. 

4. In particular, bettogoal may require the customer to provide proof of age during the registration process and to make the opening of an account subject to the customer reaching 18 years of age.

5. When opening an account, the customer must choose a password. To correspond with our security rules, the password must consist of no less than eight (8) characters. It may contain upper and lower-case characters, special characters and digits but no german „Umlauts“. The password must not be identical to other user data, e.g. first name or address. We recommend that customers update their passwords regularly. Additionally, customers have to choose a user name. In case that you lost or forgot your password, you will be enabled to create a new password at any time. In case that a wrong password is entered twice, the services will be blocked until a security code is entered correctly. The security code will be brought to you by e-mail. 

6. In case that a wrong password is entered five times, the website will be blocked for 20 minutes for security reasons. 

7. Customers agree to keep their log in details secret and secure and the security of any linked e-mail address at all times and to ensure that they are not known or used by third parties. bettogoal is not liable for any damages that may occur to its customers as a result of unauthorised use or misuse of their login information.

8. If an account is opened and used in breach of the conditions specified in sections I. and II., bettogoal is entitled to retain funds and cancel any bets placed, or a legal authority of the Curacao government is entitled to confiscate the funds contained in this account.

9. bettogoal treats all accounts in the strictest confidence. Within the framework of the applicable laws, bettogoal may however be required to submit certain account information to authorities such as Curacao e-gaming or the Curacao Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU).

10. Unless otherwise stated, any amounts such as funds, deposits, bets or winnings which are displayed in connection with the services, shall be amounts in Euros. It is prohibited to transfer or sell or to acquire accounts from other customers. It is also not allowed to transfer any funds from one account to another.

11. Each customer is only entitled to create and use only one account.

12. bettogoal is not a financial institution or a bank and therefore there is no deposit protection and no interest is paid on any funds held in the customer’s account.

13. bettogoal is authorized to verify the customer’s identity in cases of transactions exceeding EUR 2.000 in connection with winnings and stakes. This also applies if the sum of several transactions reaches this amount, which will be calculated on a rolling period of one hundred and eighty days (180). bettogoal also reserves the right to review the customer’s identity when lower amounts are transacted or in case of suspicious transactions.

14. The customer shall immediately report any amount credited erroneously to his/her account. Any winnings arising from an error may be retained.

15. The customer can unsubscribe from newsletters or other advertisements for all bettogoal products by unticking the box for the respective newsletter in the 'Personal Details' section in 'Account Settings'.

16. Gambling history will be held available for a period of 6 month in the player´s account. The customer declares his approval to the storage of the customers gambling history by opening an account on the website.

17. The player account includes a drop-down menu which includes self-exclusion as a closure reason. When choosing this option, the customer will be led to the responsible gaming page.

18. Total deposits information will be available in the player´s account as well as information about net deposits (total amount of the deposits minus the total amount withdrawal will be displayed) 

19. The following rules apply for customer accounts: 

1. The customer may open an account via the Website to access the services.

2. bettogoal reserves the right to reject a customer’s request to open an account at its own discretion and without providing a reason.

3. Deposits and pay-outs into/from the account can be made via various payment methods e.g. credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets, which are registered in the name of the bettogoal account holder. Cash deposits can be made by using the „cash-to-code“ payment system in case the system should be made available. The following link shows all our payment methods. Bank transfers are usually processed within 1-4 working days. Withdrawals will be processed at least within 5 working days (working days are Monday to Friday) 

4. All payment transactions are made through secure connections so that unauthorised access by third parties is avoided to the greatest extent possible.

5. bettogoal reserves the right to stipulate minimum and/or maximum amounts for deposits or withdrawals depending on the chosen payment method. Possible restrictions and deposit or withdrawal fees are shown in the 'Payment Options' and 'Deposit Options' section on the Website and will be explicitly stated during the payment process.

6. bettogoal reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to add further payment methods or to limit or suspend existing payment methods.

7. Cancellation fees, fees for chargebacks, reverse posting and similar costs that are incurred for incorrect payments are to be borne by the customer and deducted from the customer’s account.

8. If the customer decides to use electronic payment, he/she excludes any recall or similar actions when the payment order has been performed properly. Apart from that, the internationally recognised provisions and laws for electronic payment transactions apply.

9. bettogoal prepaid credit card (optional Service). 

a. In order to use the Services, the customer can apply for a prepaid credit card in case that the service is offered.

b. There is no legal claim to the issuance of a prepaid credit card. bettogoal can refuse to issue a customer card at any time without providing a reason.

c. The credit card is registered to the owner and is not transferable.

d. bettogoal assumes no liability for, 

⦁ the balance on the credit card;

⦁ misuse of the credit card. If a credit card has been misused, bettogoal reserves the right to pursue criminal prosecution;

⦁ for losses resulting from use of the credit card by third parties who have got to know the customer card login information;

⦁ for damages incurred by the user during or as a result of using the credit card.

e. The credit card must be stored with special care to avoid it being lost and/or misused or used by third parties. Loss or theft of the card must be reported immediately to allow bettogoal to block the customer card. In case of loss or theft, the customer can apply for a new card by presenting suitable identity documents. Any amounts remaining on the lost card will be forfeited and may only be paid out upon suitable proof of identity. bettogoal reserves the right to charge a fee to cover expenses and costs for issuing a new card.

f. The customer shall regularly check the balance/betting history on his/her credit card. If irregularities are discovered the customer shall immediately inform bettogoal via support.

g. If any party (customer or bettogoal) wishes to terminate the relationship between the respective contractual parties, the prepaid credit card will be blocked and forfeited. The pay-out of the remaining balance on the credit card can be requested and will be paid on a bank account registered on the name of the customer.

h. bettogoal reserves the right to change or suspend any services in connection with the prepaid credit card at any time. Should the customer no longer wish to make use of the Services under the amended conditions, he/she may withdraw the remaining balance upon surrendering the credit card. 

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III. Using our Services 

1. bettogoal is required by law to review all transactions from a money laundering perspective and aims to minimise risks in its own interest and in the interest of the public. The use of any fraudulent, criminal, or other unfair methods (such as collusion, VPN, the use of any tools such as but not limited to scripts, bots, tools that help disguise your identity, or spiders) in connection with the use of our Services is strictly prohibited. For more information about security checks, please see our Privacy Policy. Should the customer violate these conditions, bettogoal will proceed pursuant to clause IV.3. and reserves the right to pursue criminal prosecution for any relevant behaviour.

2. All transactions are checked for possible money laundering activity. bettogoal reserves the right to report the customer and any suspicious activity on his/her account to the relevant authorities and freeze funds. bettogoal also reserves the right to close the relevant account and confiscate funds.

3. To prevent money laundering, all deposits have to be wagered at least one time. 

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IV. Account Closure or Deactivation

1. The customer can close his/her account any time.

2. bettogoal reserves the right to close the customer’s account at its own discretion at any time and without prior notice. The customer will be notified by e-mail about any such measure. Any bets already placed and pending bets which are valid and do not violate these terms and conditions shall remain unaffected by the account closure.

3. bettogoal reserves the right to forfeit any balance in the customer’s account, in particular but not restricted to winnings, and/or to deactivate the account if bettogoal has legitimate reasons to believe or establishes any of the following: 

1. the customer has more than one active account with bettogoal (usage of a bettogoal prepaid credit card may not be regarded as an additional account in terms of this clause);

2. the customer’s name and details do not match the name and details on the credit or debit card(s) or other payment accounts used to make purchases and deposits with bettogoal;

3. the customer participates in a bettogoal promotion and withdraws before fulfilling the requirements of that particular promotion;

4. the customer provides incorrect or misleading information upon registration and/or throughout the duration of his/her agreement with bettogoal;

5. the customer has failed or neglected to submit the requested correct verification documents in the requested time frame;

6. the customer is not of legal age; in this case, all winnings and deposits will be returned to the state via Curacao e-gaming for further consideration.

7. the customer accesses and participates in the Services from a jurisdiction where participation in the Services is prohibited by law;

8. the customer deposits money originating from criminal or other illegal or unauthorised activities;

9. the customer is found to be defrauding or attempting to defraud or to have defrauded anyone or any party, or if he/she has employed or made use of an artificial intelligence or other system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the system or the customer is found to have colluded or attempted to collude with other players in order to defraud bettogoal, the betting agent or other players;

10. the customer has enabled (intentionally or unintentionally) someone else to use his/her account;

11. the customer has violated this contract, in particular the general terms and conditions;

12. the customer has placed bets on behalf or to the account of bookmakers, agents or their employees.

13. It there are reasonable proof of the use of illegal devices like robots that distort normal games play. 

4. Procedures for deactivating an account and withdrawing remaining funds on someone’s behalf.

1. In case the customer is deceased: bettogoal will be obliged to return any available balance from the account if the following documents are provided as a certified copy:

⦁ death certificate of the account holder.

⦁ ID of the next of kin/heir who is requesting withdrawal from the decedent’s account.

⦁ a court order that names the next of kin as the rightful inheritor or the decedent’s legal personal representative, agent, or heir, whose authorization constitutes "lawful consent.”

2. In case of incapability/disability/serious temporary illness:

⦁ A court document from the guardianship court or a temporary legal document from a similar institution, that states clearly who the legal guardian is.

⦁ A copy of the ID of the legal guardian

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V.  Inactive Accounts/ fees; Inactivity of player 

1. If the customer does not login to his/her account on the Website for a period of twelve (12) months or more, bettogoal shall charge a EUR 5.00 administration fee every month until no balance remains. No fees will be charged in cases of self exclusion. In case, the self-exclusion time has elapsed, and the account remains inactive after one-month bettogoal is free to charge the above-mentioned administration fee. 

2. Players are allowed to request reimbursement of administration fees in case they are experiencing illness and after providing a medical certificate accordingly.

3. bettogoal will inform customers which account will become inactive at least before 30 days before the accounts are due to become inactive.

4. If a customer has been inactive on the website for 30 minutes, they will be automatically logged – out.  

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VI. Exclusion due to Responsible Gaming or Prevention of Gambling Addiction

1. Customers are required to play responsibly and can find out about the risks of gambling addiction by referring to our responsible gaming page.

2. Customers who have been diagnosed with problematic gambling behaviour or are undergoing treatment for gambling-related problems are excluded from the use of bettogoal´s Services.

3. Customers are obliged to inform bettogoal immediately if they have been diagnosed with a gambling disorder or are undergoing treatment for a gambling disorder.

4. bettogoal reserves the right to exclude a customer from using the Services temporarily or indefinitely if the customer has acknowledged that he/she is, or bettogoal reasonably believes him/her to be suffering from a problem relating to gambling addiction.

5. The customer can exclude himself/herself temporarily for a time frame of 24 hours up to 6 months at any time in particular if he/she feels at risk of developing gambling-related problems. Self-exclusion may be carried out online via the settings in the user account or by contacting customer services. During the time of self-exclusion, the access to the website will be blocked.

6. bettogoal will endeavour to apply the customer’s exclusion as soon as technically and organisationally possible. However, this procedure may take a reasonable working period. bettogoal will not consider the self-exclusion period as having commenced until it has been fully implemented and communicated to the customer.

7. If the customer still has access to his/her bettogoal account despite notifying bettogoal regarding self-exclusion, then he/she is responsible for reporting the lack of implementation of the self-exclusion to customer services without delay.

8. Temporary self-exclusions can under no circumstances be lifted until the expiry of the self-exclusion period and become effective only after a minimum of 24 hours have elapsed from the interval chosen by the customer. 

9. Indefinite self-exclusion only can be lifted by bettogoal and, in accordance with the Curacao Remote Gaming Regulations, will become effective after a minimum of 7 days have elapsed from the interval chosen by the customer.

10. Customers may not open another account, in particular while a self-exclusion or exclusion by bettogoal is in place.

11. Any self-exclusion measures or exclusions by bettogoal are only valid for products offered via the Website

12. Individuals, who have never registered a gaming account at bettogoal, but who have contacted the operator of this website with the request to be added to the operator´s self-exclusion list, will be stored in a list and will not be allowed to register unless an official request for the revocation from such a list is submitted by the individual to the operator 

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VII. Limits/Session limits 

1. There is a general limit on withdrawals of 10.000 € per customer and week. Other limits on winnings may apply.

2. A general limit on winnings of 100.000 € per betting slip applies. Other limits on winnings may apply.

3. Via his/her online account, the customer can set self-imposed limits for deposits, stakes and losses, without giving reasons, in order to self-control his/her betting behaviour. Such limits can be set for time periods of 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days. During the selected period, the customer will not be able to make any further deposits or place any further bets once the limit is reached. The relevant settings may be made online or by notifying customer services and they are available upon registration or at any other time.  Enquiries about and/or amendments to the settings relating to the reduction of limits are processed immediately; limit increases take effect after 24 hours, pursuant to the Curacao Remote Gaming Regulations.

4. Via the online account, the customer can set self – imposed session times for the use of gaming services. Shortenings of session times are processed immediately; extensions of session times will take effect after a waiting period of 7 days. In case that the settled session limit is reached, an automatic logout will be processed. In case that the session shall be continued after the automatic logout has taken place, a renewal of the login procedures is required. 

5. bettogoal is not obliged to monitor its customers’ gambling behaviour but reserves the right to impose limits on certain accounts, pursuant to clause VII.3, if it deems necessary under responsible gambling aspects. bettogoal will inform the customer accordingly.

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VIII. Winnings and Determination of Winnings

1. Winnings on bets with fixed odds are calculated by multiplying the odds with the wager.

2. The winnings are automatically credited to the customer’s account. In individual cases, the credit of winnings may be postponed until the official result report has been published. This also applies to the customer card account.

3. The pay-out of winnings may be deferred if necessary, for example, due to security reasons or to comply with legal requirements. This is particularly the case if a) internal processes are necessary to ensure compliance with legal requirements; or b) bettogoal has a legitimate interest in further clarification of the facts.

4. The outcome of a bet will be evaluated and determined after the outcome of the respective event is certain. bettogoal only accepts the results that occur during the event. Any changes that are made after this time have no influence on the evaluation of the betting event. Bets that have already been decided at the time of interruption

5. Live bets, half-time bets, match period bets, over/under bets, first goal etc. are evaluated without regard to the time of the interruption or resumption of play. 

6. If the event is cancelled during extra time or penalty shoot-out, the result after the regular playing time (including added injury or stoppage time) applies. If a sporting event that was cancelled, interrupted or withdrawn, is restarted or continued by the end of the following day, local time, starting from the original start time of the betting event at the original location, the stake will apply to the newly restarted/continued betting event. The bet also remains valid if the event is replayed/continued or played at a neutral venue. If the match is not restarted or continued, the bet will be declared invalid. This shall not apply to betting markets that have already been decided before the time of the abandonment (for example winning a set, winning a game, over/under-bets).

7. In the case of a single bet, if a bet is declared invalid the entire betting contract will be cancelled and the customer's stake will be repaid. If a partial bet from a combination bet is declared invalid, this bet will be evaluated with odds of 1.0 and all the odds of the combination bet will be adjusted accordingly so that the combination bet can still be won if all the other bets contained in it are won. Possible fees, for example on individual bets, are not refunded.

8. League matches or matches within a tournament, such as Cup matches which are ended by the referee before completion of the scheduled playing time, will be evaluated according to the final score at the time, if the referee declares the match valid with the final whistle and the match is added to the official tables and is not replayed or continued at a later stage.

9. bettogoal assumes no liability for input, transmission and/or evaluation errors. If obvious errors occurred when entering betting odds and/or evaluating betting results (e.g. typing errors. incorrect match pairing, obvious mix-ups with regard to odds, incorrect handicaps, wrong number of goals for over/under bets), bettogoal reserves the right to make retrospective corrections or to declare the bets concerned to be invalid.

10. In any case a bet is invalid if the customer takes advantage of obvious errors in the input, technical determination and transmission of betting odds and other information decisive for the placement of a bet (e.g. identities of participating teams, handicap requirements, number of goals for over/under bets) and fraudulently places bets, e.g. with abnormally high stakes. Legal regulations of appeal shall remain unaffected.

11. bettogoal does not assume any guarantee that the information services made available are correct, complete or up-to-date, e.g. odds list or Livescore. Only the odds confirmed and logged by bettogoal are decisive.

12. Under specific circumstances, bettogoal reserves the right to offer a so-called 'buy-back' for certain betting slips. The customer has no claim to sell back his betting slip to bettogoal.

13. If there is any suspicion of betting and race manipulation bettogoal reserves the right to block the pay-out for the respective race or sporting event until a court of arbitration for sport or an ordinary court decides that neither betting nor race manipulation has occurred. Without judicial clarification only the stake will be refunded.

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IX. Pay-Out/Withdrawal

1. The customer may request a withdrawal of the existing balance of his/her account or part thereof at any time, provided that all incoming payments have been confirmed and all amounts deposited have been turned over at least once by placing bets. Applicable bonus conditions must be fulfilled. All requests of withdrawals have to be counterchecked for reasons of legality before being approved. After approval, a withdrawal will be processed within at least 5 working days (working days are Monday to Friday)

2. Online pay-outs 

1. Depending from the chosen payment method, there might be regulations regarding minimum pay-out limits  For details, we refer on the summary on this website under Deposit or Withdrawal. In case of a final close of customer accounts, no minimum pay – outs are set.

2. Withdrawals are credited to the same account or via the same payment method used for depositing (so called closed-loop-policy). bettogoal reserves the right to deny the withdrawal if the deposit method differs from the pay-out method requested. If the depositing method does not have a credit option like by example „cash-to-code“, the pay-out can be credited to a bank account nominated by the customer which identifies him/her as the account holder.

3. bettogoal reserves the right to process a withdrawal only after being presented with a valid passport, equivalent photographic identification or any other requested documents. If a pay-out is requested bettogoal reserves the right to withhold this withdrawal until all requested details/documents have been verified. bettogoal is entitled, at its own discretion and without giving reasons, to request documents to verify the identity of the respective user of the website as a prerequisite for withdrawals, participation in bonus programs or for granting bonus payments.

4. Complaints with regards to withdrawals must be received within 30 days of the pay-out request.

5. The customer may request three withdrawals per week (Monday – Sunday). Withdrawals up to € 100,00 are free of charge. Withdrawals of € 100,01 up to € 1000,00 will be charged with a processing fee of € 15,00 each. Withdrawals of € 1000,01 and more will be charged with a processing fee of € 25,00 each. 

6. bettogoal reserves the right to reject a customer's withdrawal request via a particular payment method and require a transfer to the customer's bank account without providing a reason.

3. Organization and payment of jackpot winnings

1. Jackpots are provided by online gaming websites, but are not directly organized by such websites, instead are usually provided by online gambling companies, in particular the manufacturers of slot machines. This also applies to the jackpot games we offer.

2. As a rule, jackpots are also played across platforms, i.e. they are organized by a number of online gaming platforms at the same time. The modalities of jackpot games are therefore not determined by bettogoal, but by the manufacturers of these games, to whom we therefore refer for the rules.

3. Given that - as described - jackpots are generally held and organized across different platforms, the determination of the winner and the payment of winnings is subject to the rules of the respective game manufacturer, who is also responsible for the administration of the price money that flows into the jackpots, as well as for the provision of the respective winning amounts.

4. Due to this additional organizational effort, it is possible that winning amounts from jackpots can be paid out with delays.

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X. Placing a Bet/Cashout

1. Each time the customer places a bet he/she acknowledges the General Terms and Conditions in their valid version.

2. For all Sports bets, the minimum stake is € 1.00. Deviating regulations as regards to the amount of the minimum stake may apply.

3. A bet is only accepted when the customer’s account holds sufficient funds. If a wager is accepted despite insufficient funds, for example due to a technical fault, the bet shall be deemed to have not been placed. If the customer’s account funds only cover part of the stake, bettogoal reserves the right to accept the bet with a stake at the fund amount.

4. The customer is obliged to check that the details of his/her bet are correct. Only under certain rare circumstances, bettogoal offers the possibility to cancel a bet.

5. A bet is considered as accepted when the customer receives a confirmation and the bet is shown in the customer’s account under 'My Bets'.

6. A bet is invalid if the date and time of placing the bet or the customer’s necessary personal data have verifiably been omitted due to transmission errors. The stake shall be refunded.

7. bettogoal determines a fixed time until bets are accepted. Bets that are accepted after the start of the betting event are invalid in any case. This does not apply to live bets.

8. Only records made by bettogoal are authoritative in relation to the contents of all bets. On request, bettogoal is obliged to present these records. Adjustments of the betting account can only be made in case of an obvious error or obvious typing or calculation error.

9. Only natural persons acting in their own name and on their own account may conclude betting contracts with bettogoal. The placement of bets in the name of and on account of third parties or as a syndicate is not permitted.

10. Gaining an unfair advantage through collusion or association with other betting customers or through the use of other dishonest methods is forbidden. If irregularities are discovered, such as the same bet being placed frequently or with an unusually high stake by one or more customers, then any such bets may be declared invalid and the customer’s account closed.

11. Without prejudice to regulation XI.9 bettogoal may permit commercial bets in case of prior authorisation/approval.

12. Bets on sporting events in which the customer is involved (e.g. participating as a sportsman, an owner, a manager or official of a participating association) are not permitted. bettogoal reserves the right to cancel these bets even after the event has finished. This also applies in the event of violations against the regulations of an association.

13. If information is known about the outcome of the event or the customer had knowledge relating to the outcome of the event at the time a bet was accepted, then the bet can be declared invalid.

14. The customer can see the betting history of the past 90 days under 'Account Statement'. The customer can choose to display certain periods and print out the betting history in the form of an account statement at any time.

15. Cashout 

1. bettogoal might offer a Cashout option on selected events and markets, pre-match and live bets, on single and combined (combi) bets.

2. bettogoal reserves the right to suspend, remove or change the Cashout option at any time. Whether the Cashout option is available for a given market or event is at the sole decision of bettogoal.

3. If the Cashout option is available, the customer will be able to request the evaluation of a bet before the betting result is definite. The request is subject to acceptance by the system.

4. The Cashout amount offered is calculated on current odds and therefore is subject to change correspondently. The amount shown at any time is the amount that will be returned to the customer’s account upon acceptance of the request. If in the period between the request and the system acceptance the price changes, the customer will be prompted to confirm the new value displayed

5. If Cashout is available for an event or market, it will be clearly indicated with a button available at the end of each bet. The button shows the value the bet is worth at that specific time. 

6. Any bonus on potential winnings of a combi bet due from combi bonus, will not apply if Cashout has been used to close/settle the bet in full.

7. Bets settled using Cashout in full will not count towards the wagering requirements of any active bonuses.

8. Cashout is not available for bets placed as 'Freebets'.

9. bettogoal also reserves the right to void a Cashout if it was accepted when the result of the event, market or bet was already known and/or reverse it if the market or event was settled in error.

10. bettogoal is not liable if the Cashout is not available for technical or other reasons. In such a case, bets will be settled according to the actual result.

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XI. General Betting Rules

1. Special betting rules apply to certain types of sport and betting markets. These special betting rules have preference over the General Betting Rules.

2. In addition to the general and special betting rules, specific rules apply to some betting markets.

3. Sports bets can be made as single, combination (accumulated bets) or system bets. Single bets may not be allowed for certain types of sports or events. Details of this can be taken from the current odds lists (e.g. min. 3 games).

4. For the purpose of presentation, certain phrases, characters or numbers are used for bets, the meanings of which are explained in more detail below: 

1. '1' means that the first-mentioned team wins. '2' means that the second-mentioned team wins. 'X' means that no team wins.

2. '2-way bet': A bet on '1' wins if the first-mentioned team wins. '2' wins if the second-mentioned team wins. In the event of a tie, all stakes are refunded.

3. 'Over/under-bet': A bet on '-' wins if the number of events on which bets are placed is less than the number specified in the bet. A bet on '+' wins consequently if the number of goals is higher.

4. 'Double chance': '1X' means that the first-mentioned team does not lose. 'X2' means that the second-mentioned team does not lose. '12' means that the game will not end in a draw.

5. 'Bet on the run of play': '1/1' means that the first-mentioned team scores first and win the game. '1/X' means that the first-mentioned team scores first and the game ends in a draw. '1/2' means that the first-mentioned team scores first and goes on to lose the game.

6. 'Handicap': In a handicap bet, one team starts the game with a 'fictional lead'. This handicap is added to the final result. The final result is evaluated including the handicap. A handicap of 0:1.5 means, for example, that the second-named team will have 1.5 points/goals added to its final result.

7. 'Rest of the game bet': Events which are already concluded (e.g. goals or played sets) do not count.

5. The result after regular game time, including added injury or stoppage time, applies for all sports. Possible extra time or penalty shoot-outs do not affect the evaluation of winnings. Exceptions to this are made known either at betting markets or in special rulings for the sports.

6. If the party on which the bet has been placed does not participate in the event, regardless of the reasons, but the event itself takes place, the bet has been lost. This applies to all sports bets. However, if the entire betting event does not take place the bets will be declared invalid.

7. Only a player who scores for his own team is considered to be the point-scoring player/goal scorer.

8. For the 'goal scorer' type of bet, the player on which the bet has been placed must participate in the game from the beginning of the event, otherwise the bet shall be invalid. Subsequent substitutions shall not be taken into account in this context. The exception to this rule is: Bets placed on the “1st goal scorer” market remain valid even if the player does not start or does not take part in the entire match.

9. For bets on standard situations (e.g. corners or free kicks), only the standard situation which actually occurred and, with reference to timing, the time of the actual occurrence, are counted. For bets on the event which triggered the standard situation (e.g. foul, offside), the time of the referee’s whistle will be considered to be the time of the event.

10. Apart from that we refer with regards to the specific betting rules for the different betting types and markets.

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XII. Procedures for the settlement of disputes/complaint procedures  

1. Complaints of the user can be made by e-mail at the following e-mail address [email protected].

The notification of the complaint should contain the respective user name and e-mail address stored in the player's account in order to ensure that without any doubt, who the complaint is from.

In the correspondence, the general concern (e.g. payment processing, bonus etc) should be stated, followed by a statement of the facts of the complaint and the reason for the complaint.

The receipt of a complaint will be confirmed by e-mail, indicating the time at which the receipt of the complaint was registered.  Complaints will generally be dealt with as quickly as possible by a dedicated team, in the order in which they are received. If there is no need for further questions regarding the facts of the case, complaints will generally be processed within 10 days and the decision communicated by e-mail. If necessary, the processing of a complaint can or must be extended by up to a further 10 days, in particular cases in which further investigations have to be carried out or queries arise concerning the complainant.

Complaints in connection with payment processing or pay-outs can only be made within 30 days of the respective booking transaction. In the event that no agreement is reached at this stage, the complaint and its decision shall be recorded by bettogoal

2. Regardless of these procedures, the user has the right at any time to also make a complaint to the relevant court. It should be noted that proceedings before courts are always subject to a fee and that the courts generally decide on the costs at their own discretion and according to their own guidelines.

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XIII. General terms

1. The Terms & Conditions were originally composed in English language. 

In case of differences between the English version of the TC and versions in other languages, the English version applies. 

If any part of these agreements is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, it will not affect the validity of the remainder of these agreements, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to their terms. 

2. In case that you have the impression that you are developing a gaming addiction, you are free to take a break from gaming at any time. Furthermore, customers are free to set limits regarding their deposits or possible losses. 

3. Furthermore we recommend in cases that customers are seeing the risk of a gaming addiction to get in contact with one of the following assistance bodies. 


German-speaking help organisation: 

Anonyme Spieler organises meeting in Germany. Currently they only hold meetings via telephone. You can reach the hotline via +49 (0) 180 5/10 40 11.

Spielerambulanz by TU Dresden offers information and addresses of local counseling centers. You can recha  the hotline +49 (0) 351/463 36957. 

Spielsucht Therapie sorts counseling centers by post codes and areas to help you finding one. 

BZgA provides free counseling via +49 (0) 800 1 372700. 

www.glückspielsucht-nrw.de offers help and support both in german and turkish. 

GamCare is located in London. Besides english, GamCare is also available in german. They provide help in form of group- and one-on-one-chats, forums and via telephone. That ensures immediate and confidential suport. You can look through a lot of information material and other resources on their website as a guide to self-help.

Gambling Therapy's information material include a self-test, information about addictions and especially gambling addictions. Besides support via e-mail, live chat, telephone and forums, Gambling Therapy offers online support groups who meet regularly at a fixed time. In addition Gambling Therapy provides an app and is available in german.


English-speaking help organisation:

Gamblers Anonymous offer help and meetings in England, Wales und Ulster. Additionally, you can contact support members via Live Chat, as well as in a supportive forum, via telephone and e-mail.

National Council on Problem Gaming also offers help via Chat, telephone and Short Messages. The US-based help organisations website has an integrated search for your local counseling centre.

GamCare is located in London. They provide help in form of group- and one-on-one-chats, forums and via telephone. That ensures immediate and confidential suport. You can look through a lot of information material and other resources on their website as a guide to self-help.

Gambling Therapy's information material include a self-test, information about addictions and especially gambling addictions. Besides support via e-mail, live chat, telephone and forums, Gambling Therapy offers online support groups who meet regularly at a fixed time. In addition Gambling Therapy provides an app.


Turkish-speaking help organisation:

www.glückspielsucht-nrw.de offers help and support both in german and turkish. 

GamCare is located in London. Besides english, GamCare is also available in turkish. They provide help in form of group- and one-on-one-chats, forums and via telephone. That ensures immediate and confidential suport. You can look through a lot of information material and other resources on their website as a guide to self-help.

Gambling Therapy's information material include a self-test, information about addictions and especially gambling addictions. Besides support via e-mail, live chat, telephone and forums, Gambling Therapy offers online support groups who meet regularly at a fixed time. In addition Gambling Therapy provides an app and is available in german.

NP AMATEM Suchthilfe-Zentrum in Istanbul offers contact information to four specialised clinics via mail and telephone. The organisation provides information about gambling addiction and a search tool to find counseling centers in Turkey.

Yeşilay creates preventive programs against all kinds of addiction including gambling; is a voluntary non-governmental organization that works to provide effective therapy and treatment services for addictions. It provides consultancy services by calling +90 444 79 75.

⦁ Addiction Prevention Fight and Education Foundation, known as BEMEV, is an organization that tries to prevent the occurrence of all kinds of substance addiction and guides and helps addicts to get rid of their addiction.


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