1. This promotion can be requested by contacting 'Support' anytime.

2. You can choose to use your bonus either on Sports or Casino products after you have done the initial 1 time wagering on the desired product.

3. If you have already used up another bonus for your deposit you will not be eligible to claim this bonus.

4. To qualify for this bonus, customer must have a balance of zero (0), no open bets, no pending withdrawal, and a minimum net loss of 100€.

5. The minimum stake for Casino must be 0.1€ and the maximum stake must be 1000€ to qualify as a wagering contribution. For Sports minimum stake must be 1€ and the maximum stake 250€ to qualify as a wagering contribution.

6. This promotion must be completed within 20 days. If the requirements of this bonus are not met within 20 days, any resulting bonuses or winnings will be automatically cancelled.

7. Cashback bonuses are calculated from your last withdrawal transaction and any deposits made thereafter, during a 24 hour period, from 00:00 hours. Cashback bonuses which aren't claimed before 23:59 will not be carried over.


8. bettogoal General Bonus Terms & Conditions apply.