Odds Boost is a special promotion for selected events/markets of which you will be able to increase the original odds given, by a set percentage.

1.  We consider certain types of play to be unfair, these unfair types of play include the following.

a.  Using ‘minimal risk wagering patterns’ (that is, a set pattern of bets or stakes that unfairly minimises risks).

b.  Using more than one account to get more than the number of bonuses allowed for each customer.

c.  Colluding with other customers (that is, plotting with others to gain an unfair advantage).

d.  Using more than one account per person, per household or per IP address.

2.  If you take part in any play that we consider to be unfair, we may;

a.  settle bets at the correct odds, not the bonus or promotion odds.

b.  void any free bets or bets funded by a bonus (that is, treat them as if they had never been placed); or remove any winnings relating to any bonus.

3.  bettogoal general bonus terms and conditions apply.