Customer Support team is your first point of contact for all questions regarding our products and services on our website. To contact our Support team, you can use the chat function available on every page, send an e-mail to [email protected] or alternatively fill in the form that can be found on our Contact page.

Our Customer Support always endeavour to answer all enquiries as accurately and as quickly as possible by e-mail. However, since enquiries are processed according to the time of receipt, we kindly request that you refrain from sending multiple enquiries on the same subject to the support team (this does not speed up the answering of a request, it slows it down, because we must then first sort out duplicate requests). We would also like to point out that our help page or the FAQ page (which you are currently looking at) has been designed with many conceivable enquiries in mind to provide you with as many answers as we can on a variety of matters. In order to speed up and simplify the procedure, we kindly ask that you first check our help page (FAQ) to see if the answer to your question is already there. As a rule, this should be the case. Only if your search on our Help page (FAQ) is unsuccessful should you contact Customer Support.

Please note, that our Customer Support is also responsible for receiving complaints. Some enquiries are defined by us as complaints, even if they are not meant to be complaints, in accordance with our corporate guidelines. These include notifications of technical faults or malfunctions of the website, non-compliance of individual business decisions with our general terms and conditions of business, and/or our betting and gaming rules, differences with regard to the granting or non-granting of bonuses. Complaints or enquiries that we define as complaints will be given priority, and usually handled within one month. Full communication with customers will be logged by us and kept for the duration of the limitation period.