1. Where can I find full information on how betting on sports works?

All sports betting rules can be found on the main sports rules page, this includes information about individual sports and also includes other terminology, but we have listed some information below.

If after checking our help pages, you still have questions, please contact our support team.

2. What is a betting market?

A betting market is a category within an event where customers are offered to bet. i.e., within a football match where may be several different markets offered which bets can be placed. Most common markets are:

• Result Market - Full time result or result betting offers two/three outcomes where stake can be placed: 1/home team winning, 2/away team winning or X/draw between 1st and 2nd team.

• Scorers Market - Bets can be placed on which team to score first or last, either by team or individual player.

• Under/Over Market - Bets can be placed on how many goals/scores/corners/fouls there will be in a match either by both teams or individually which could be full-time/half-time or a specified timeframe.

The types of markets available depends on the sport and the event, high profile events generally offer more markets to bet on.

3. What type of bets can I place?

Single bet - is arguably the most common betting type which is placed on a single event.

Multiple bet - consists of two or more selections in one betting slip. All of the selections must win to guarantee a return.

System bet - is available as soon as a player chooses 3 different selections. The main difference between system bets and multiple bets is that the player can win a system bet even if not all of his/her picks are correct. For example, in the case of a 3/5 system bet, a player wins even if only three of his/her five predictions turn out to be correct.

Bet Builder - feature allows you to build a multiple bet within the same event from a vast range of markets and adjusting your odds depending on the probability. 

4. Can I only bet on real sports?

bettogoal also offers a huge variety of eSports,various real and virtual races, and specials which can be found under ALL SPORTS.

5. What is an eSport?

eSports (electronic sports) are sport events based on video games. Events are usually tournaments and/or competitions between teams or individuals. bettogoal offers a variation of eSports events and markets. 

For example, League of Legends, Overwatch, StarCraft and FIFA, NBA 2K to name a few. 

Click on eSports to see what is on offer.

6. What is a Bet Builder?

Bet builder allows you to build your own bet within a sporting event on several markets. For example, Results market and Scorers market can be combined in the following way: Home Team to win, but Away Team to score the first goal. If both comes true, the bet is won.  The benefit of building bet is that the customer can increase their odds – and possible winnings by predicting more outcomes of an event.

For more information and the rules, click on Bet Builder.

7. What is a cash-out?

If available in an event, cash-out allows you to cancel your placed bet before the end of the event and receive a return, for example if you bet on the away team to win and they are currently winning but the home team is showing signs of a comeback- You can cash out and receive part of your money back.

Please note that the cash out amount will be lower than expected should there be a positive result for your bet and the event is finished.

For more information and the rules, click on cash-out.