1. A registration will fail if player is already registered. What can be done?

A customer can only register once (for one account). If you have misplaced or forgotten your access data (password and/or user name), please contact our customer service at [email protected] by submitting your first and last name, your residential address, your date of birth and the e-mail address you provided us with while registering for the first time.

2. Once registered, is it still possible to change personal data?

Due to bettogoal's security measurements, and prevailing anti-money laundering regulations, it is not possible to change some of the personal details like date of birth, name and surname (except, in the case of a legal change of name e.g., marriage). Other personal details such as residential address, bank account information, e-mail address etc., can be edited when logged in to “My Account”. Please note that your details must always be correct. We may need to verify this information from time to time, for example in the case of withdrawals.

3. Do I have to make a deposit after being registered?

No, there is no need to make a deposit after registration. Users are free to deposit whenever they like.

4. Are there any obligations associated with registering at bettogoal?

No, registration is always non-binding and does not oblige you to do anything, in particular make any deposits. However, by registering you are bound by our general terms and conditions, game terms and wagering conditions.

5. Why is it necessary to provide personal data when registering at bettogoal?

The disclosure of your correct personal data (such as surname, first name and address) is a prerequisite for you to be able to use our services. We are required by law to collect and record this information as part of the license terms to which we are subject. We need to know your birthday because customers who are under 18 years of age or under the law of their home country are not yet of legal age are excluded from using our services. This is how we define the provisions for the protection of minors to which we are subject. We need to know your e-mail to get in touch if necessary, e.g. if you have forgotten your password or if it is necessary to arrange payments of winnings.

6. Is it allowed to register more than once?

No, customers can only register once at bettogoal. Once a registration is completed, the personal data is stored in bettogoal database and further registrations with this data are no longer possible. In the event of a registration based on false/incorrect data, bettogoal reserves the right to close the account with immediate effect. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details.

7. Is it possible to check if a registration was successful?

Yes, of course. If all the fields in the registration form are filled correctly, a bettogoal user account will be created automatically and various payment methods will be automatically displayed. In this instance, the registration was successful.

8. How user data is protected?

We attach great importance to data protection. We do everything technically feasible to achieve this. For example, we use special firewalls to prevent third parties from accessing our databases. These are special defence systems with very complex security architecture. Safety-relevant processes such as deposits are carried out under the protection of a 128-bit security key. This is currently the technically best possible standard. Within the scope of communication with you or via your web browser, your data is protected by a tested encryption technology.

9. Why is it necessary to register at all?

The registration is required to use our website and our products. In order to be able to play, a player account must first be set up. Real money cannot be deposited until an account has been created. Apart from everything else, we are required by law to allow play only after full registration has been completed. This is also part of the money laundering prevention package.