1. Do you accept deposits from my country?

If you are play from a restricted jurisdiction, we may not be able to accept deposits from you.

2. Why is my card deposit declined?

This can happen for several reasons, such as incorrect entry of card data during registration. In addition, your bank can reject a transaction itself because your balance on the card is insufficient. In this case you should contact the bank directly.

In some banks, there is also a rule that you cannot make direct deposits on online gambling sites.

Another reason could be that your transaction violates our risk rules.

Our support can be helpful to find other reasons why the deposit was unsuccessful and provides a solution. You can contact your card provider to verify this or try one of our many other deposit methods instead.

3. Can I use my card to deposit into my friend's account?

You cannot do this because it is considered a third-party transaction and is not allowed.

4. Are deposits limited?

Users can view standard deposit limits that are valid in each case on their accounts. bettogoal reserves the right to set or change general or individual deposit limits at any time. Users have the option of setting individual deposit limits on their accounts, which can be lowered by the user at any time. However, it is only possible to increase the limits via support at [email protected] and, in addition, legal waiting times must be observed until the increased limits comes into effect.

5. I made a deposit on my player account, but the amount was not credited to my account. What is the reason for this?

Please note, that we have processing times, which may vary depending of the selected payment method. If this standard processing time for the payment method you have chosen is exceeded, please contact [email protected], stating your name and username and the payment method you have chosen.

6. What deposit and withdrawal methods does bettogoal offer?

Please check our payment methods help section.

7. Why can´t I pay by credit card anymore?

If you haven´t made a successful payment by using your  credit card or if you receive the message, that your payment by credit card was rejected due to our internal security settings please select another payment method.

8. Why do I have to present an identification document when I make my first payment?

This serves your own security against misuse and is also stipulated by our license requirements that we are obliged to request photo ID for the first transaction. We also make sure that no minors use our products illegally and we also make sure that you make this payment yourself and not by an unauthorized third party. The requested documents can be uploaded by contacting our support.

9. Where can I find the bettogoal bank details for a deposit?

You will find our bank details on your user account under the button Deposit/Bank Transfer. A transfer field will appear, which already contains the bank details. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click on "continue"! Please only use the bank details that are displayed! Do not forget to enter the reference number that is displayed! The input of this number secures the allocation of the deposit to your user account.

10. How can I change my deposit limits?

a. How do I know what amount I can still deposit?

Log in to your account and check under Limits/Restrictions what limits you have set! On your account you can also see your recent transactions including deposits.

b. What can I do if the maximum deposit amount has been reached?

Every user has the right to reduce the deposit limits set by himself. This is then implemented by our employees with immediate effect. This means that the lower limits take effect immediately. However, an increase in the limits is only possible after the waiting periods imposed on us by law and our license terms have expired. You can find more details in our Terms and Conditions.