Promotions and Bonuses

1. What is the difference between a bonus and a promotion?

Promotions are special events we design for you to win cash or non-cash prizes. Promotions are only organised occasionally.

Bonuses are rewards that are paid out when certain gaming or wagering conditions have been completed. The bonus could be monetary or non-monetary such as free spins. You will find the specific details of each bonus program on the website at Bonus Programs.

2. Where do I find details regarding bonus programs I participated?

Under My Account – Available Bonus you can access a list of all current or past bonuses or promotions including the ones which still are active.

3. What kind of bonuses and promotions are available at bettogoal

We always offer a variety of bonuses, promotions and sweepstakes. You can see our current promotions under Promotions on the website.

In addition, we inform our customers about current bonuses and other promotions regularly via newsletter and/or e-mail, sometimes also via SMS.

If you do not receive any newsletter or promotional e-mails from us, please check your account under My Profile to see whether the option, „Unsubscribe mails, newsletter and/or SMS notifications.” was clicked. If so, click the button again and you will start to receive e-mails.

4. Direct Bonus (No deposit bonus)/deposit bonus

⦁ A direct bonus is an amount of money that is credited to your account without you having to make a deposit. However, it is usually subject to certain wagering conditions, which must be fulfilled. In most cases, such bonuses must be used immediately or within a short time frame.

⦁ A deposit bonus normally requires a deposit to be made. In other words, the customer must deposit a certain amount of money on his account in order to unlock the bonus payment from the casino or sportsbook website. The deposit bonus is a percentage of the amount that the casino/bettor (i.e. us) "pays" on the amount you have deposited up to a certain amount. These bonuses are usually linked to certain requirements, which we publish as part of the respective bonus program.

5. Wagering requirements for a bonus

Before a bonus can be converted into so-called "real money", i.e. before it is available, the wagering requirements must first be met. Usually, the bonus amount must be wagered several times on selected games. In most cases, bonuses must be unlocked within a certain timeframe and in this way the wagering requirements must be met. This information can usually be found under the respective bonus offer. Often bonus offers are only related to certain games (e.g. roulette etc.).

6. Bonus restrictions

6.1 Bonus with pay-out limitations

In such cases, a bonus will be transferred directly to the user's account in order to play certain games or products. The bonus amount will always be wagered first when making a stake. As a rule, winnings generated cannot be used to wager on games other than those for which the bonus is granted, nor can winnings be cashed out if the bonus terms and conditions are not met or are not met within a specified timeframe. If the conditions are not met or are not met within a specified time, the bonus and any winnings will be cancelled.

6.2 Bonus with release restrictions

Here the bonus is credited to a user account when the game requirements have been met. Once the amount has been credited to the account, it can be used for any purpose. In these cases, the bonus amount may also be divided into several amounts, so that the bonus is only released one portion at a time. If the bonus is split, then the betting requirements are also split. If the set conditions are not fulfilled or not fulfilled within a specified time, the expiration of the bonus always refers to the unfulfilled part.

7. What does Freebet mean?

Freebets only apply on sportsbook and in general only apply to single bets (or combination bets), but not for system bets. They are usually not subject to any further betting conditions. The stake is normally not included in the winnings of Freebets and is therefore usually deducted from the winnings. However, it is always necessary to check in detail which requirements are attached to Freebets on the basis of the terms & conditions of a Freebet program.

8. What does Free Spin mean?

The term „Free Spin“ normally applies only on slot machines. A Free Spin is a subtype of a bonus, so you should always pay attention to the terms & conditions under which Free Spins are granted.

9. Wagering

Wagering means the wagering requirements for a bonus. As a rule, every casino bonus or bonus on a sports bet is subject to certain conditions that must be fulfilled for the bonus to be awarded, i.e. it is actually made available on the player's account in real money. Usually, certain amounts have to be wagered on certain games in a casino or on a sports betting site and only after this has been done will the player's wagering be rewarded with a bonus (i.e. a cash subsidy from the casino or betting provider). If the bonus conditions are not met or, for example, not reached within a certain timeframe, the bonus is usually forfeited. The player's bet in the hope of freeing a bonus but can prove to be all for nothing.